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چهار شنبه 15 مهر ماه
حضور ارائه کننده ازساعت  10 الي 12
عنوان پوستر
نام ارائه دهنده
Clinical advantages of photodynamic therapy as a targeted therapy in periodontics
قايم نارمنجي
Comparison of pain control inferior alveolar nerve block with long buccal and intraseptal injection in periodontal flap
امين موسوي
Orthodontic Treatment and Periodontal Health; A Review of Literature
نجمه سرافراز
The evaluation of the effect of Aloe vera and chlorhexidine mouthwashes on periodontal parameters in patients with chronic periodontitis
نفيسه نقدي
Comparison of papilla preservation technique with semilunar incision with subepithelial connective tissue graft in dark triangle treatment
مرتضي رحيمي راد
Oral hygiene in young Patients receiving orthodontic treatment
فاطمه نور بخش
Combined periodontic-orthodonticendodontic approach in the treatment of periodontally compromised tooth
فاطمه نور بخش
The Effect of Exposure Time on Subgingival Plaque during Photodynamic Therapy :in Vitro
شيرين اميني
aPDT in managment of peri-implantitis and periodontitis
نسيم چيني فروش
The role of cytokine gene paly morphism in chronic periodontitis
سپنتا حسين پور
Evaluation of IL10 concentration in gingival crevicular fluide (GCF) of patients with chronic moderate to severe periodontitis in comparison with healthy controls
نرگس نقش
Comparative evaluation of the amount of smear layer removal and blood cell attachment following application of Er:YAG and CO2 lasers on dental root surfaces using scanning electron microscopy
نرگس نقش
آرش قنبرزادگان
Microsurgery in periodontics
طاهره پورسيديان
Bibliometric Study of Periodontal Publications By Iranian Scientists Between 1995-2015:A Medline Approach
اميد فاخران اصفهاني
Changes of salivary elastase enzyme in patients with chronic periodontitis six weeks after non-surgical therapy
مرواريد مافي
Levels of salivary interleukin-18 in smoker and non-smoker individuals with healthy periodontium or chronic periodontitis
مرواريد مافي
جابر يقيني
جابر يقيني
شادي عصّاره
Desquamative Gingivitis or Simple Marginal Gingivitis??!! from diagnosis to appropriate treatment plan
فرزاد نظري
Invasive Cervical Root Resorption: A Review
پيام پيمان پور
The effect of non-surgical periodontal treatment on salivary and serum visfatin in generalized modorate to severe chronic periodontitis
سحر جبلي
Local delivery of antimicrobial agents
معصومه فرامرزي
Nanotechnology in periodontology
فاطمه رزاز پور
Correlation between (ABO + RH) blood group and periodontal disease
حسام حميصي
Assessment of tooth and periodontal health related quality of life by OHIP-14 questionnaire
سپيده سيد زاده
Comparing the concentration of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in the gingival crevicular fluid in periodontal health, chronic and aggressive periodontitis
سيدعلي بني هاشم راد
Comparing the Average Number of Colonies of Candida Albicans in Periodontal Pockets of Patients with Chronic periodontitis before and after Periodontal Treatment phase I
شيدا سيمين
Evaluation of the Relationship between Passive Smoking and Gingival Pigmentation in Women
الهه مروج صالحي
Complications of the sinus lifting and their management
سيد حسن ديباجي
Effect of implant design on implant stability
هاوش قراتي
پنج شنبه 16 مهرماه
حضور ارائه کننده ازساعت  10 الي 12
آنيا امين زاده
سحر جبلي
محمد امين-توکلي
مجيد رضا مختاري
Radiographic Comparison of Mandibular Cortex width, height and density of Alveolar bone using CBCT images in smoker and nonsmoker men
شيما قاسمي
الناز فرهودي
اميد فاخران اصفهاني
پژمان خاني فام
مهدي نوروزي
آنا صفّار پور
مژگان ايزدي
شبنم آقايان
بهناز ملک احمدي
SHED;as a new potential source for tissue regeneration
الهه ريحاني
Immediate Implantation in maxillary molar site
مريم نورالهي
مائده پورنصير
سميه همت زاده
نگين سادات متيني
The best radiographic indications while implant maintenance phase
فرشاد دهنوي
Implants follow up:different radiographic techniques
مهديس محمدپور
Peri-implantitis: Prevention, Treatment; A Review of Literature
نجمه سر افراز
Associations between periodontal bone loss, Periapical lesions and Maxillary Sinus Mucosal Thickening Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
الهام محمدي گلرنگ
The Role of Stem cells in Periodontal Regeneration
ياشار رضاعي
Cbct vs conventional radiography in periodontitis
مهسا صادقي
Evaluation of the bone regeneration potential of bioactive glass enhanced with PRP and BMP2 in an augmentation model. A comparative study
محمدرضا نوراني
Serum, saliva, and GCF concentration of RANKL and osteoprotegerin in smokers versus nonsmokers with chronic periodontitis
روح اله ناصري
Level of Oxidative Stress Markers in Peri-Implant Crevicular Fluid and Their Correlation with peri-implant Clinical Parameters
فائزه مير ميران
Effect of Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment Combined with Diode Laser or Photodynamic Therapy on Chronic Periodontitis:A Randomized Controlled Split-Mouth Clinical Trial
سيما کياني


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