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Main Topics
- Nonsurgical periodontal therapy
- Furcation defect management
- Periodontal medicine
- Management of compromised teeth
- Host modulation therapy
- Periodontal regeneration
- Esthetic reconstruction
- Laser-assisted treatments
- Long term results of periodontal treatments
- Patients oriented treatment plan
- Prevention of disease activity and recurrence
- Innovative techniques/devices
- …
- Flap vs flapless approach
- Transmucosal healing abutment
- Soft tissue management
- Papilla reconstruction
- Immediate placement
- Reduced diameter implants
- One-piece implants
- Smart implant placement
- Peri-Implant Health Management and Treatment
- Predictable Loading Protocols
- …
Tissue Regeneration
- Augmentation prior to implant placement
- Vertical ridge augmentation: limits and indications
- Indications of resorbable and non resorbable membranes in GBR
- Post Extraction Site Management In the Aesthetic Zone
- Maxillary Sinus Graft
- Management of complications
- Biomaterials selection/efficacy
- New aspects of tissue regeneration
- …
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